Wow! I have a blog!

Never really thought I would have a blog. I mean bloggers share recipes and review entertainment and stuff. This blog has nothing to do with any of those things. This blog is a place for intelligent discussion.

I have witnessed the de-evolution of social media ( a rant for another day). I love social media because it allows me to keep in touch with folks I would not be able to keep in touch with otherwise because I simply would not have the time.  However, social media has become a cesspool of misinformation.  It is not a place for intelligent discussion. I hope to partially fill that gap.

Most who know me would likely expect I would present some type of political blog. While you are certainly free to share your thoughts on political issues or anything else you like, my main focus will be on philosophy. Intelligent discussion on any subject is acceptable and encouraged.  I will be creating categories so members can focus on topics that interest them.

For purposes of keeping the site focused on it’s intended goal and to keep out those who have ruined social media, you must register and, yes, there are rules if you want to stay registered.


  1. Respect – You must respect your fellow contributors. No name calling. You may disagree with anyone at any time. However, you must do so in a respectful fashion. You must do so in a fashion that shows you at least considered the views of others before commenting.
  2. Validation –  You may certainly post links to articles and information. That activity is encouraged. However, unlike social media, you are required to accompany the link with your own thoughts. Certainly enough of your own thoughts to show you actually read what you are linking to. The information you are linking to may not be caustic. It must be something we can all discuss as the spirit moves us.
  3. My Blog My Rules – I sincerely hope that the two rules above are all that is ever necessary to fulfill the mission of this blog. However, it is mine, mine, mine and I can add or change the rules as I deem necessary.

I sincerely hope this blog becomes a place where all can feel comfortable sharing ideas and thoughts. Discussion is important.  Only through intelligent discussion and the sharing of ideas can we solve any of the challenges that face our fragile world.



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