Institutions will come to exist for themselves

One of the things that have been at the forefront of my thinking lately is the tendency of an institution to exist for its own sake given time.

The next few months are really going to demonstrate my point. We are about to find out that the top levels of the FBI decided they knew what was best for the country and used their power to try and make things come out the way they wanted.

I am betting other agencies will begin to fall in the next few weeks as well. We all know the manager at work who has created his own little fiefdom. This is exactly what we are about to find out some leaders of our most trusted and powerful government agencies have done., They have decided our system can’t make it without their interference.

It’s frightening and it makes you see red, but it will be fun to watch. This is all going to come to light because we finally got someone from outside of Washington in the Whitehouse.

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