Extremism: the most destructive “ism”

Humanity seems to have lost the ability to compromise or even discuss. Extremism has taken over every conversation.

I think this is very apparent in the discussions surrounding recent school shootings. We aren’t talking about solutions to the problem. The solutions seem to have been determined for us. Students, as well-intentioned as they may be,   are not demonstrating for school safety, they are demonstrating for gun control. This approach does not allow for investigation and discussion.

I have recently seen this in some of my friends who are active in the animal rights arena. Again, I believe they are well-intentioned but misdirected.   Due to extreme solutions, my grandchildren will never see a circus. There really was no discussion around how we might preserve an art form and protect animals and ensure humane treatment. The only solution on the table was that the circus must end.

We are about to lose Sea World due to this same extremist, no compromise attitude. Oddly, when extremism succeeds in closing down this attraction, marine mammals will lose one of their greatest benefactors.

As a people, we must find ways to return to the table and discuss solutions to the problems facing our world. We must prevent extremism from controlling every dialog.

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