Why are conservatives of color devalued?

Racism, in all of its ugly shades, seems to be getting worse on a global scale. We have to face the fact that racism has been with us through all time and will never go away completely. It takes many forms.

The subject has really been on my mind lately because of some reactions I have seen from some folks of color to Dr. Ben Carson. Some are so extremely negative and senseless. I saw the same thing with Dr. Condaleeza Rice. You see it with Herman Cain and others.  what is up with that?

As soon as a person of color shows the least glimmer of conservatism, they become lower than the lowest in some eyes. I so admire Dr. Carson and it just hurts my heart to see some of the comments about him. This is a man who should be a role model for our children.

He started in the projects and made his way to the pinnacle of the medical profession and went on to be a legitimate candidate for president. He is a brilliant human being whether I agree with him on every point or not. I would love to have a beer with him.

We really need to de-emphasize “pop culture” in our society so that those who contribute in meaningful ways are recognized as “role models” rather than rappers, movie stars, and athletes.